The Classroom Management Plan

The Classroom Management Plan - ED 4111 The Classroom...

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ED 4111 The Classroom Management Plan (100 PTS) 4 - 5 pages, double spaced Respond to each of the following questions. 1. In Getting Classroom Management Right, the 5 Steps of Classroom Management, move from Prevention to Intervention with the first 4 Steps focused on prevention work and only the last step is about developing accountable consequences. Describe your own philosophy of thinking about the ratio of prevention to intervention. How will that ratio translate to your day to day work as a teacher? How can you maintain a system of self-checks that will assure you are not disciplining more than you are preventing. How will the idea of “with-it-ness” actually translate in terms of your teaching behaviors? Choose 3 specific areas/suggestions/ideas from the text that you found particularly informative and useful in terms of what you will do as a teacher to encourage a classroom where there are few discipline infractions. 2. Describe and illustrate a classroom seating arrangement that will ensure that you can move easily to every student quickly when they are working independently and be flexible to move fluidly into a space which will work for students working in dyads and small groups. Draw an actual floor diagram including a teacher desk, where resources will go and what displays you might have on the walls. Explain in 1 -2 paragraphs why the arrangement will support your
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The Classroom Management Plan - ED 4111 The Classroom...

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