Chromatography Student Notes 2010

Chromatography Student Notes 2010 - Lab 5 Part 1...

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Lab 5: Part 1 . Chromatography of Amino Acids Part 2. Enzyme Protocol (Student version) Although this lab is shorter than the pH lab, you must still pay attention to details. You will need a short lab protocol for the lab. Your protocol should have a table that is large enough to organize your own data and the results from the rest of the benches. The lab is straight forward, but if you do not follow your protocol closely and make a mistake, you will not get usable data and the assignment will be difficult to complete. Your data will be hard to interpret and you will have to do double duty in the write-up, explaining what you did wrong as well as some other group’s results. You will want to discuss your data and class data in any event either for the similarities (hopefully) or the differences, or for variation. NOTE: This is a wet lab with chemicals that you do not want to get on you. The standard dress code will be enforced as well as wearing the lab coat and eye protection. Gloves are available and must be worn by any student touching the silica gel plate after they are sprayed with Ninhydrin. Procedures and Precautions DO NOT BREATHE THE SOLVENT OR NINHYDRIN! 1. Do not put fingers on the silica gel. Your skin has amino acids in it. Try it with one. 2. Write on the silica gel in pencil . Ink is soluble in the solvent and will run. 3. Write lightly on the silica gel. Do not gouge out large chunks of it. 4.
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Chromatography Student Notes 2010 - Lab 5 Part 1...

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