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Biology 2112 lab report grading sheet : pH lab Student name ________________________________ The grade for this lab report is broken down by section as described in the manual. If you have not followed the assigned format, with a section missing or not clearly listed, you will receive a lower or zero score for that part. There is also 1 point allotted for general format as described below. See instructions on Blackboard for details. A comment area is provided. Check your report as well for comments. There will be instructions on Blackboard about how to turn in the lab manual electronically through Safe Assign. You will have to turn in the lab in hard copy as well to your lab instructor at the lab on the due date for the report. This page is a required cover sheet. Section Possible points Score for section Title (0.5) 0.5 * Specific, not generic * * * (____) Introduction (1.5) a. Subject 0.5 * Some background in two sentences * (____) b. Question (hypothesis) 0.5 * Often posed as an If / Then statement *
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