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Biology 2112 report grading sheet : DNA Extraction and Analysis Student name _____________________ The grade for this lab report is broken down by section as described in the manual. If you have not followed the assigned format, with a section missing or not clearly listed, you may receive a lower or zero score for that part. There is also 1 point allotted for general format as described below. A comment area is provided, check your report as well for comments. A “substitute” gel from Blackboard may be used, but your gel must be included and discussed. Note that the picture of the gel has to be readable. You have to be able to see the bands and may have to manipulate the image using a program like Irfanview (in the lab folder in Blackboard). Section Possible points Score for section Title (1pt) 1 * * (____) Introduction (3 pts) a. Subject (background to set up b 1 * * * (____) b. Question (hypothesis) 1 * * * (____) c. Method to test b 1 * * ** (____) (2 pts) 2.0 (____) Both Protocols (extraction and analysis) attached. Includes set up for experimental reaction mixes
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Unformatted text preview: Results (9 pts) Gel from the web (Blackboard) 1 (____) Labeling of each well 4 (____) Identification of bands (on gel or in a legend) 4 (____) Discussion ( 15.0 pts) a. paragraph 1 expansion of a & b of intro 2 (____) b. paragraph 2 more details of methods 2 (____) c. paragraph 3 results presentation (gel) 4 (1/2 pt per well) (____) d. paragraph 4 analysis/conclusion 4 (see student instructions) (____) e. paragraph 5 discussion of errors and design 1 ( should be plenty here ) (____) f. paragraph 6 relevance 1 (____) Reference Cited published information 1 (____) 0.5 if from Campbell. 1.0 pt if from a relevant outside source, web or journal. Concentration question from Bb 1 (ec) (____) General Format Neatness, spelling, grammar-1 (if deducted) * * * (____) TOTAL SCORE * * (30 possible)*(+1 pt ec)* * (____) Note requirement for electronic submission through Safe Assign Comments:...
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