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Extra DNA Concentration & Size Question 2010

Extra DNA Concentration & Size Question 2010 - Here...

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Here are two additional questions for the DNA lab report. Many students had problems with the concept of “specific activity” for an enzyme. This enzyme activity that increases not with increased volume of enzyme (or serum), but with activity that increases as you purify the enzyme by some means, such as a size exclusion column. That is you are increasing the enzyme concentration in relation to the other material in the serum. Ideally you get to the point where the only component is the enzyme. When you buy an enzyme for Sigma or another company, this is what you hope for, a pure enzyme. When you buy DNase, you hope that the other enzyme that digests a specific type of nucleic acid is not with the DNase Remember you did a test for this contaminant. I am not asking for methods to increase the DNase concentration here, but other aspects of quantifying how much nucleic acid you have from your prep and its approximate size.
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