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Genetics Problems - Biology 2112: Lab 11 Genetics Problems...

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Biology 2112: Lab 11 Genetics Problems These problems are the final lab exercise and are worth 15 points. Similar problems will appear on the final lab quiz. To receive complete credit for a question, you must document you answers with the appropriate work; a Punnett Square, showing the gametes, etc. that leads you to your answer. Use separate paper for your answers. No credit will be give for an answer that lacks supporting argument. Show all your work in a neat and orderly fashion. Making the lab instructor search may reduce your allotted points. Note that if you want feedback on these problems turn them into your lab instructor on the day of your final lab after Thanksgiving. The absolute final due date is Monday December 8th in the Biology Departmental office by 5:00 pm. The problems must be date stamped by the office. You may want to consult Dr. Waring’s lecture handouts on blackboard. 1. What gametes can be produced by organisms with the following genotypes? RrGg rrGG RrGG rrgg 2. What progeny would you expect in the following crosses? Chose and recombine the gametes. You do not need to have a complete Punnett Square showing repeated possibilities. RrGg x RrGG Rrgg x rrGG RrGG x Rrgg RrGg x rrgg 3. In Tomatoes, the allele for red fruit is dominant over the allele for yellow fruit . If a plant that is homozygous for red fruit is crossed with a plant with
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Genetics Problems - Biology 2112: Lab 11 Genetics Problems...

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