Instructions for lab 2 Computer Modeling of Organic Molecules

Instructions for lab 2 Computer Modeling of Organic Molecules

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Instructions for lab 2 Computer Modeling of Organic Molecules 2010 There is NO protocol necessary for this lab. But review the material. This will help you prepare for the lab. You may have already had an introduction to this subject in lecture and have started reading the chapters for the 1 st exam. If not, skim the chapters in Worksheet # 2 covers the amino acids and protein part of the exercise (first half of lab). This consists of completing the lab manual as instructed and turning the work in at the end of lab. If you do not finish the first part of the exercise you will finish it at the Tech Center when you complete the second part of the exercise. The second part of the exercise covering nucleic acids and DNA is due the following week and is assignment 2. BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK TO THE LAB TO LOOK AT STRUCTURES Rasmol (AKA Raswin), the program used in this exercise is available at the Tech
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Unformatted text preview: Center. You may preview or even complete the lab before your assigned lab. Use the instructions in the file on blackboard and in the lab manual. The lab is basically self-directing at the computer. To find the program on a Tech Center computer; log in, click on the "my computer" icon, look for the "Apps" folder or "L" drive, then the Biology folder with the Rasmol program. The icon is a triangular ball and stick chemical model. There should also be several files with an "ent" extension. Once you open the program, at this point, you can use the instructions in the lab manual to use the program. Look for the icon with RASWIN or rs32b2a below it in the list of files there. Either one should work. One has an extra window that you may ignore unless you are interested in bond angles. Rasmol is “freeware” and available on the web. You can down load the program and get the figures of the computers at the tech center....
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