Instructions for the first Bio 2112 laboratory FL2010

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Instructions for the first Bio 2112 laboratory Fall 2010 1.) Read the introductory material covered in the pp. i through vii. in the manual before coming to the first lab. Review the student guidelines on pp v & vi of the introduction carefully. The guidelines are posted elsewhere as well. A short lecture on lab procedures and safety will be given. Review the safety preface p. ii and bring the red CST student laboratory guidelines (AKA safety manual) to lab. This is mandatory as you will have to show that you have a copy with you to return to lab the second week. The basic lab syllabus is on page vii. It will be reviewed in more detail in the lab and a list of lab assignments will be posted. You first lab assignment is to download and complete the math diagnostic posted on Blackboard. It is not scored. There are no points for this. It is for your benefit only, but required. Do this before you read the math introduction. If is easy for you, you can skip the intro part covered next. The 2112 labs are quantitative in nature. You make measurements and base your conclusions
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