Instructions_for_DNA_lab_report Fall 2010

Instructions_for_DNA_lab_report Fall 2010 - Bio 2112...

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Bio 2112 Student instructions for DNA lab report Follow the standard format for a lab report. The cover sheet has the usual sections. Print out a copy and attach it to the lab report. The most important part of the report is the discussion section. You should demonstrate in the background section (introduction to report, a & b briefly and part a of the discussion), your understanding of both the extraction of DNA and gel electrophoresis. Your understanding of these systems will help you explain what you did to investigate the identity and quality of the nucleic acid extracted in lab 9 and analyzed in lab 10. The methods you use will be described in the introduction briefly (part c) and the discussion (part b). Remember, most of the method, step by step is already detailed in the protocols for both parts that should be attached to the report and not repeated in the body of the lab report. For both background and the methods, be merciful to your instructor; be brief, organize and summarize. Details are in the protocols, be concise. You only need to detail changes from standard protocol. You have a summary of the reaction preps and the schematic gel as an example. Review this material. Remember the questions written on the blackboard in the labs and how the reactions set up answered them. Your results are your gel. Download it from Blackboard, add a title, with lanes and bands labeled. You will also need a legend or description for what is in each lane; your description of what you see on it. If your gel did not work, it is hard to interpret the results accurately, or you are missing lanes such as the ones with tRNA that make conclusions difficult, state this fact. Show the picture of the gel. Give a brief explanation of what might have gone wrong with your gel. Then use the “test” gel on Blackboard if needed because your
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Instructions_for_DNA_lab_report Fall 2010 - Bio 2112...

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