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Lab 1 Graphing Exercise

Lab 1 Graphing Exercise - Lab 1 Measurement Error Excel...

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Lab 1 Measurement & Error Excel Graphing exercise The goal for this assignment is to practice using the Microsoft Excel spread sheet program to input and graph data. Any graphing program is acceptable, but Excel is available at the Tech Center. There is a basic outline for using Excel in the introduction of the lab manual in the graphing and least squares chapter. Ignore least squares for now. We will use both Microsoft Word for written assignments and Excel for data organization in tables and graphing (or compatible programs) throughout the semester. This exercise will help you become familiar with the two programs. The more proficient you become with graphing now, the easier it will be in later labs when you are presenting your data in a lab report. The easiest method to make a graph is to put your data in Excel columns and use the Chart wizard to do the work. You may print out the tables and graph on one page. You do not need to have separate tables. You will need to label the data lines, axis and you need a
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