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LAB 4 pH Student prep notes F10

LAB 4 pH Student prep notes F10 - BIOLOGY 2112 LAB 4 pH and...

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BIOLOGY 2112 LAB 4 pH and Buffers 2010 (student) A. In General – This lab requires an individual protocol that will be checked at the start of lab. The protocol becomes part of the lab report. If you do not have a protocol that is sufficient to perform the lab, you may use your lab partners, but you lose those points in the lab manual. It must be typed. B. Order of the Lab; initial introduction: 1. pH background 2 O ionize pH. What is Kw? Relate to pH. Do you know how to calculate pH. Review logarithms as needed. 2. pH Meter Part C Similarly to the spectrophotometer, you need to know the basics of the instrument you are using for the lab for good data, care of the instrument and quiz questions. 3. Buffers -- Part D. What is a buffer, its range and capacity? What are these properties based on in terms of the chemical make up of the buffer components? 4.
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