Lab 10 Student Instructions

Lab 10 Student Instructions - Lab 10: DNA Part 2 Warning on...

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Lab 10 : DNA Part 2 Warning on Equipment Use Techniques 1. Microfuge lids must be fully closed before switching on the microfuge. Tubes must be balanced before spinning, one across from the other. On the old models still in use, if the microfuge is turned on without the failsafe lock is not fully engaged the machine will not spin. When the top is twisted tighter by the student, with the switch in the ON position, the locking system tends to burn out due to a design flaw inoperable. The machine must be turned to the off position before retightening the lid 2. THE PIPETORS ARE EXPENSIVE . DONOT MISUSE THEM. A user’s guide is on Bb to download and read. It must be part of the protocol for lab. There will be a sign out sheet for the pipetors. They are distributed by bench and are labeled as such. If you break it you buy it!!! Get gels poured at very start of lab . Ensure casting trays are carefully taped. Check depth of comb. Remove combs before inserting trays in gel box. Instructor will add the EtBr to the gels to reduce contamination. Make sure caps on the tubes are tightly closed before mixing. USE GLOVES AT ALL TIMES WHEN HANDLING ETHIDIUM BROMIDE. There are specific disposal containers for the ETBR gels. RED Bin up front
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Lab 10 Student Instructions - Lab 10: DNA Part 2 Warning on...

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