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Math Geometry and Volume Formulas Pi (π) = 3.141592…. . Note: a x b means a multiplied by b. a 2 means a squared (a times a) Units are important. Don’t mix units, cancel carefully Volume of a cube side of a = a 3 Rectangular prism with sides a, b, c = a x b x c Irregular prism: base x height Cylinder: base x height = π r 2 h Pyramid = (1/3) b h Cone = (1/3) b h = (1/3) π r 2 h Sphere = (4/3) π r 3 Ellipsoid = (4/3) π r1 r2 r3 Units Area is measured in cubic units. The volume of a figure is the number of cubes required to fill it completely, like cubes in a box.
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