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Detailed Notes for Root Tip Mitotic Figure Counts Mitosis is easily studied using the root tips of actively growing plants (why actively growing?). Roots of the garden onion ( Allium cepa ) provide material for such a study. You will use both double stained prepared slides and your own squash of a root tip to study mitosis. For the squash, follow the instructions in the lab manual. For the prepared root tip, under low power (10X) first scan the entire slide to observe cells far from the tip, right at the tip and just back from the tip. Which areas are in cell division? How can you tell? It is the area where the greatest number of mitotic figures are seen. Switch to higher power (40X). Identify cells in interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. Also, see if you can see any evidence of cells as they undergo cytokinesis. Insert these drawings into your notebook for reference.
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Unformatted text preview: You should be able to estimate the relative length of time of each phase of the cell cycle by recording the frequency with which you find each phase in the region where there is active cell division. The frequency of each phase is a relative measure of the length of time it spends in that phase. Examine a single field of view ( the area of view that is visible without moving the stage. Count the number of cells in each of the phase of the cell cycle (mitosis and interphase). Repeat these count with two more nonoverlaping areas of view. Total the results of each phase for all 3 areas. Then express the total of each phase as a % of the grand total (Total of phase/ Grand Total X %). Which phase is the largest and smallest in terms of %. Assume that mitosis takes one hour. Estimate the time the cell spends in each phase in minutes....
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