PH Lab Report Instructions Fall 2010

PH Lab Report Instructions Fall 2010 - Laboratory pH...

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Laboratory; pH, Buffers their capacity and range Student Instructions for lab & lab report 1.) The lab procedures are explained in detail in the lab manual introduction. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the properties of water, the definition of pH and the definition of a buffer. You will need a protocol for the lab that has to be attached to the lab report. This will become your materials and method section for the lab report. Include the details of the titration. If your protocol is typed out with useable tables per the lab manual and report format, you may also use it for the results presentation section as the major focus for data presentation will be on the graphs. Follow the format for tables and figures outlined in the lab manual in the how to write a lab report section. See the “Top 10” on Blackboard for humor - but relevant!! The report is due at the beginning of your lab week of October 11th. Although you will be tempted to put starting the report off until after the first midterm exam, do not leave this until the last minute or you will regret it. The Format should follow the general lab format a listed in the lab manual and on Blackboard. Reports should be typed, double spaced simple 12 pt font. Although this is not an English paper, organization, grammar, spelling, neatness all count. Graphs must be done with a computer but you may add the curves to connect the data points by hand. Excel is not good at this type of curve. See the lab manual with instructions of graphing and general instructions of content and format for the lab report. There is a sample lab report for the format and style to look at in the lab manualnot an A grade. A summary of parts follows. It is outlined on the cover sheet you turn in with the lab report. You
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PH Lab Report Instructions Fall 2010 - Laboratory pH...

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