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Six Easy Steps For Genetics; Follow These Steps to Success 1a. ID parental genotype (P 1 ) for cross GG (green) X gg (white) 1b. write cross (a true breeding phenotype) 2a. ID possible gametes G g 2b. write gametes 3a. ID 1 st filial generation (F 1) Gg 3b. combine gametes (fertilization) 4a. ID F 1 genotype possibilities G G 4b. do a Punnett sq. g Gg Gg g Gg Gg 5a. ID phenotype of results all green 5b. note dominant phenotype 6a. ID phenotypic ratio 100 % green 6b. count the #’s 7-12 redo the cross with F
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Unformatted text preview: 1 generation (Gg) G g G GG Gg g Gg gg For two traits, use the short cut called FOIL (First, Outer, Inner & Last of each pair of alleles) Example: TtGg is heterozygous for two traits, height & color. The gametes produced by meiosis would be: TG (first), Tg (outer), tG (inner) & tg(last). Crossing two organisms with this genotype give the classic 9:3:3:1 phenotypic ratios. Do the Punnett Square and you will see....
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