Student Guidelines for Bio 2112 labs Fall 2010

Student Guidelines for Bio 2112 labs Fall 2010 - Student...

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Student Guidelines for Biology 2112 Laboratory Fall 2010 Intellectual Objective: In the laboratory, you will be working in a collaborative effort at the lab bencho investigating practical aspects of the natural world. To achieve a successful conclusion to the objective of the lab, you have to come to each lab and participate fully in the activities as a collaborative partner. To do this, you have to come prepared for the lab and prepared to give you best effort in the lab and on the assignments. Although there is no attendance and participation component to your grade, both are expected, there will be a deduction from your grade for lack of both as assessed by the lab instructor. Your overall performance in lab counts toward your ability to be successful in the work. Students whose minds are focused on the task at hand perform better than those not paying attention at the lab bench or not prepared. Planning for labs: You will get the most from your laboratory study (and the most points to add to your lecture score) if you read about and plan the work for each lab exercise in advance and review the work carefully after each lab before forget about the results or what the observed specimens looked like. This includes rewriting the lab manual into a form more easily used at the lab bench, something like a flow chart of steps often called a pre-lab exercise or protocol. To encourage and aid you in your studies, there is a requirement that you have a protocol written before coming to lab. In addition there will be quizzes, in lab group exercises longer take home assignments and lab reports. Details for each lab and on the associated lab exercises and assignments are available elsewhere on Blackboard. Attendance - Absence, Arrival and Departure: There is a no cut policy for the labs. However, if you must miss a lab, it is critical that you make up the missed material in the same week that the lab missed is scheduled. You will be responsible for all material covered in lab, whether you attend the lab or not. If you know ahead of time that you will miss a lab, first contact to your lab instructor. If they are unavailable contact Dr. Spaeth the laboratory coordinator to schedule a time to attend another lab. If you miss a lab unexpectedly, contact your lab instructor or Dr. Spaeth as soon as possible to schedule a make up in another section. You may attend any lab section that has an open seat during the week or our missed labs. As with lecture, only medical (including documentation) or significant family emergency are acceptable excuses. You must fill out a make-up slip supplied by the instructor in the make-up lab and hand in all work due that week. The instructor in the make-up lab will forward the note and assignments to your instructor. You will only be able to attend a lab other than your scheduled lab
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Student Guidelines for Bio 2112 labs Fall 2010 - Student...

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