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Lab 7 Photosynthesis student prep notes Fall 2010 1. Lab Procedures The procedures for the lab are outlined in the lab manual pp. 91 through 95. The set up for the manometer will be demonstrated in lab. The basic picture is on p. 70. Have a basic check off list for all four parts of the lab and a data table for part D. Graph is made with Excel. Curves may be hand drawn. 2. Photosynthesis Lab Notes for exercise 4: Photosynthesis lab write up (Exercise 5) The standard protocol format will be followed. When you attach the protocol, your introduction there and questions will suffice to introduce the lab. List any changes. Include all parts are included in the exercise for write up. If you are careful with your protocol, it will save you time for the write- up. 3. Your results are the data tables, diagrams and physical examples (chromatogram strip) Part A has a table. It should include class data and any extension of the exercise with filters if used. Part B is the chromatographic strip, labeled and the spots identified.
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