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Unformatted text preview: Using a micro pipettor to measure and dispense small volumes . After you pour the gel, you will lean how to use the Finn pipettor. This pipettor is similar to the pipet pumps you have used previously, in that it is used to transfer measured amounts of solutions, but is especially designed to measure extremely small volumes of solutions. This particular one measures 2 to 20 microliters in increments of 0.1 microliters. It is extremely important that you use the pipettor correctly and carefully. If you don’t your results will suffer and just as importantly, you will break an expensive piece of equipment. Your instructor will describe and demonstrate its use and you will practice before the actual exercise. DO NOT MAKE RANDOM ADJUSTMENTS 1. Never try to force the pipettor to measure less than 2 or more than 20 microliters. You will break the pipettor. The dial should not be turned past the 2 and 20 marks. When you turn the pipettor, observe the number on the dial. Do not turn the pipettor quickly from one volume to another.dial....
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