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What you need for lab and lecture Fall 2010

What you need for lab and lecture Fall 2010 - 3 Labs start...

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What you need for Bio 2112 / 2912 Fall 2010 1. Lecture : a. TEXTBOOK : Biology . Campbell, N.A. & Reece J.B. Pearson Publishing 8th ed . Benjamin/Cummings Publishing. (don’t use 7 th it is too old.) Temple’s Bookstore on campus, Zavelle bookstore (1520 N. Broad St. South of campus 2 blocks) Check the Web for sources. b. Lecture “Supplement” : by Dr. Rappaport - RF11_10 (850311) $7.75 The supplement is available at the Ritter Hall Copy Center, 234 Ritter Hall 2. Laboratory : a. Laboratory Manual RF13_10 (850313) $10.50 Available at Ritter Hall Copy Center, 234 Ritter Hall the Price $11.75 b. CST Student Guidelines - “AKA Safety Manual”; ~$4.00 Available at Bookstore & Ritter Hall (same as Bio 1111 or Chem guidelines) c. Safety goggles (or approved safety glasses similar to Chem. - ANSI Z87 specs.) Available in Temple’s Bookstore or elsewhere (Lowes etc.) d. Disposable lab coat and gloves are supplied by Temple. Latex allergy – supply your own gloves
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Labs start second week of the semester (week starting Tuesday the 7 th ) BRING YOUR GOGGLES, LAB MANUAL AND “SAFETY MANUAL” TO FIRST LAB 4. 2112 Blackboard site: You need to have and use your access to Blackboard for lecture and Lab. There are announcements and postings each week for lab and frequently for lecture. Note: There are no labs the Monday September 6th due to the Labor Day holiday. Students with a Monday lab MUST make the lab up some time during the week at an alternative lab to get the safety lecture, introductory administrative information to remain in lab. The lab schedule is posted on Blackboard and in a class case outside of the room 155 lab on the first floor of the Biology Building on Main campus. Questions? See Dan Spaeth. Room 248Q Biology Life Science building Phone #: 204-6722 or 204-8854 (department phone) Email: [email protected] or email through Blackboard page for 2112....
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