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Psych 2301 EXTRA CREDIT There is an extra credit opportunity available from Wednesday, September 1 through Friday, September 24 . Researchers are looking for participants to complete the General Health Attitudes and Practices study. Participation is completely voluntary and choosing not to participate will not negatively affect your grade. The study will take place in a lab in Weiss Hall and will last approximately 45 minutes. In exchange for your participation, you will earn 10 points. Please note, extra credit will only be awarded for participating in the General Health Attitudes and Practices study . You are permitted to participate in other studies listed on sona- systems, but you will not receive extra credit in exchange for your time. **If you took any psychology courses this past summer and participated in this study (or think you may have), contact me immediately. Do not complete the study again. Many of you should already have a sona-systems account created from when you were enrolled
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