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Psych 2301: 1 Psychology 2301 – Developmental Psychology Abby Harvey Fall 2010 Instructor : Abby B. Harvey, M.A. Email : [email protected] Office : 536 / 516 Weiss Hall* Office hours : Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5:00pm and by appointment Class meets : Tuesday 5:30-8:00pm Tuttleman Learning Center 103 Teaching Assistant : Liz Steinberg Email : [email protected] Office : 839 Weiss Hall* Office hours : Tuesday 1:30pm-3:30pm and by appointment *Please check the note on the door if we are not in our offices. We are happy to meet with you to go over any questions you have about the class – just stop by during our office hours or make an appointment. Any questions about the topic paper and response papers should be emailed to Liz. Any questions pertaining to material from the textbook or lectures should be emailed to me. You should feel free to email us at any time. During the week, you can typically expect a reply within 24 hours. However, communication during the weekend may be more delayed. Required Textbook (Available at the bookstore in the Student Center on Main Campus): Sigelman, C.K., & Rider, E.A. (2008). Life-Span Human Development, 6 th Edition. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. ISBN: 9780495553403 You may obtain a digital copy of this book or rent this textbook for a less expensive price. If you choose, you can forgo the hard copy altogether and simply order the digital version at: 3403 Course Website: Blackboard We will post announcements through Blackboard as well as use the Gradebook to track your progress. Additional readings will be available from the course website on Blackboard. Class notes will be posted the morning of lecture. You should print them out before coming to class. These notes will be incomplete which will require you to attend class. Make sure you check the Blackboard site and your email regularly . Prerequisites: Please note that the psychology department will drop all students who do not meet the following prerequisites: Psychology 1061 (CO60). Course Objectives: This course surveys psychological development throughout the life-span, specifically focusing on development from infancy to early adulthood. Particular emphasis will be placed on socio- emotional and cognitive aspects of human development. In order to expose students to the full spectrum of developmental psychology, multiple perspectives and topics will be discussed and evaluated. Also, special focus will be placed on real-world application and implications of scientific research.
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Psych 2301: 2 For you to get the most out of this class and to do well, it is essential that you : 1) Read . I expect you to have read the required reading for each class prior to each class session and be prepared with questions and comments about each reading. The course schedule provides the date each reading assignment is due. 2)
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Psych2301_Fall 2010_Harvey_SyllabusFINAL2 - Psych 2301:...

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