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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY College of Education ED 1196 (XO60) INSTRUCTOR: H. BERNARD HALL, ABD hbhall@temple.edu RECITATIONS: Sec. 007 – 11:00-12:20 RA 300 001 – 12:30-1:50 RA 300 OFFICE HOURS: Ritter Hall 255, Tuesdays (11:00-12:00pm) Thursdays: By appointment Course Description This writing intensive course examines the historical, philosophical, theoretical and social foundations of American education and schooling. Through a variety of written and visual texts, substantive conversations, examinations and writing assignments students will explore the following questions: How has the purpose of education and schooling in America changed across time and circumstances? What should it be? What could it be? How does the American democratic experiment mirror the American educational experiment and vice versa? Was Horace Mann’s common school designed to empower or control the common man? Is the current state of education in America the cause or the effect of the larger political, economic, and social contexts? What are the critical issues in education regarding race, class, gender, and sexual orientation? How do the politics of education impact students, teachers and communities? Required Texts Urban, W. & J. Wagoner. American Education: A History. Third Edition. U.S.A.: McGraw Hill. Kozol, J. Savage Inequalities . Any edition. Film: Lean on Me (1989) **Urban and Wagoner and all texts except Kozol will be available on BlackBoard.
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Course Requirements 1) Reaction Papers Students must complete 8 2-page reaction papers over the course of the semester. The purpose of these reaction papers is twofold: 1). They will encourage and assist in your critical analysis of the assigned readings, and 2). It will help me monitor the development of your writing and understanding. Please begin by briefly demonstrating your comprehension of the text’s primary arguments or goals. From there, ask yourself: What is the relationship between past and present readings? What are the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments? Most importantly, how does the reading challenge or confirm my understanding of a specific theory, theme, issue, or policy as it pertains to education, schooling, and the individual in America? These entries should not be summaries or personal anecdotes, but rather a critique, analysis, and/or reflection in some way. You may only write one reaction paper per day so plan accordingly. On days where multiple texts
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ED1196-Spr11Syllabus - TEMPLE UNIVERSITY College of...

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