Final Exam Questions Fall 2010

Final Exam Questions Fall 2010 - General Instructions for...

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General Instructions for answering the essays: answer the following questions by announcing your overall claim in your thesis and by developing at least three different points; quote from the relevant texts to support your claims and analyze what you quote. You can and should use all sources provided in class to help you answer these questions: your books; printouts of the PowerPoint slides, notes you've taken in class, class handouts and outlines of your essay . In other words bring all of these resources to class on the day of the exam. You cannot use any outside sources especially those printed off the internet or already completed essays. I will look through the materials you bring to class to answer the essays and confiscate any outside sources you bring. Also ask any questions you have about these topics before the day of the exam. You have a week to understand, clarify, and prepare answers for these questions. I can only help you with that preparation in the days leading up to the exam but not while you actually write your essays in class / Email me at if you have questions. Or come see me during my office hours or contact me to make an appointment. 1. Use the definition of manufacture I provided on the PowerPoint slides to explain how, according to Marx, manufacture increased the amount of surplus value capitalists got from their workers but also how such manufacture converted “the laborer into a crippled monstrosity” (223) Quote from chapters 13”Co-operation” and 14 “Division of Labour and Manufacture” of Capital to develop both explanations. (Section 5 in chapter 14 is especially helpful in explaining the crippling part) In your thesis indicate your evaluation of these contrasts (between worker productivity and worker crippling) and develop that evaluation after your explanation 2. According to The Declaration of Independence the responsibility of governments
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Final Exam Questions Fall 2010 - General Instructions for...

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