com 240 - Com 240 1/11/11 Organization Defined Dynamic...

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Com 240 1/11/11 Organization Defined Dynamic system in which individuals engage in collective efforts for goal accomplishment Five Features (Miller, 2005) Social Collectivity: 2 or more people Organization and individual goals exist Coordinating activity Organizational structure Environmental embeddedness Basic Communication Model Source/Receiver Encoding/Decoding Message Channel: nonverbal, verbal Noise Basic Communication Process Competence Field of Experience Communication Context Effect Primary Goal of Communication Shared realities Basic Communication Principles We cannot not communicate Communication is irreversible Communication involves ethical choices Meanings are constructed Meta-communication affects meanings Communication develops and sustains relationships Communication effectiveness can be learned Fields of experience affect ability to communicate Why focus on Org Comm? Because the context in which we do work is changing High Expectations Autonomy Weakening of Sex Role Boundaries A Concern for Total Life-Style Diversity of Career Orientations Need to remain competitive in workforce
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Strategies to Improve Success A range of strategies exist: Competence in the present job Extended work involvement Development of skills – including “soft skills” Opportunity development Development of supportive relationships Image building Organizational politics 1/18/2011 Classical Approaches Objectives Students will be able to distinguish between classical theorists Students will understand the machine metaphor Students will be able to identify & distinguish between the principles of classical management,
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com 240 - Com 240 1/11/11 Organization Defined Dynamic...

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