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COM 391 1/10/2010 Introduction Popular culture uses the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably SEX = a biological or genetic distinction (male or female) GENDER = a person's masculinity or femininity Defining Biological Sex Designation is based on external genitalia (i.e. penis, clitoris) And internal sex organs ( i.e. prostate, ovaries) Influenced by hormones and chromosomes Only 1 pair out of 23 pairs of chromosomes affects sex distinction Female = XX, Male = XY Defining Gender The identities, roles and activities that society associates with being male or female Currently not clear on the degree to which differences between males and females are influenced by biological factors, culture, and what is learned. Gender is socially constructed Acquired by interacting in your society Changes over time Particular to your culture It is a relational concept anything that affects women will ultimately affect men and vice versa How you learn to be masculine or feminine The definition of gender is still transitioning from past to present You likely have different attitudes about men and women than did your grandparents frontline war combat primary child rearing responsibilities taking the husband's last name 1/19/2011 Biological Theories Biological characteristics of the sexes are the basis of gender differences focus on X and Y chromosomes, hormonal activity and brain differences very deterministic this is how you're wired. This is how you behave X chromosomes linked to intelligence and social skill development intelligence linked to women hormones affect development of brain and body (estrogen and testosterone) Estrogen: greater padding around the middle/better immune system cycle testosterone cycles: more aggression/intelligence during cycle
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Biological Theories Men's brains are bigger than women's, but no intelligence difference women are more likely to access both lobes Men better developed left lobes (linear thinking, spatial skills(tetras), analytical reasoning) and large amygdala(emotion) Women better developed right lobes (imaginative, intuitive abilities, some visual and spatial
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COM 391 notes - COM 391 Introduction Popular culture uses...

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