Exam 2 Review Sheet- Completed

Exam 2 Review Sheet- Completed - C OM 391 E XAM 2 R EVIEW S...

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Unformatted text preview: C OM 391 E XAM 2 R EVIEW S HEET K ANE , N O WAY MY SON 2 patterns of gender typing, data and method Dads police gender more than Moms Policing is more evident in treatment of sons than daughters All findings General celebration of female non-conformity sports, clothing, trucks of building toys General celebration of son's domestic behavior, empathy and nurturing Kitchens and cooking Fathers are less enthusiastic and more likely to offer rules Icons of Femininity Negative responses toward sons for: pink frilly nail polish barbies ballet Negative Responses Many parents expressed concern for their sons about: Excessive emotionality Don't want to be a sissy Passivity need to fight for what you want Homosexuality Conclusion Fathers see sons' masculinity as a reflection of their own preferences personal failure (fathers) Straight and lesbian mothers and gay fathers more likely to use others as a reference point T ANNEN , Y OU JUST DON T U NDERSTAND World of Status In a world of status, independence is key, because a primary means of establishing status is to tell others what to do, and taking orders is a marker of low status. World of Connection Intimidate is key in a world of connection where individuals negotiate complex networks of friendship, minimize differences, try to reach consensus, and avoid the appearance of superiority, which would highlight differences. Asymmetries Women want the gift of understanding, but men give the gift of advice. Men take the role as problem solver, whereas women simply want confirmation for their feelings Troubles Talk If women are often frustrated because men do not respond to their troubles by offering matching troubles, men are often frustrated because women do. Some men not only take no comfort in such response; they take offense. Problem Solving If women resent men's tendency to offer solutions to problems, men complain about women's refusal to take action to solve the problems they complain about. Since many men see themselves as problem solvers, a complaint or a trouble is a challenge to their ability to think of a solution. Distinctions between mens and womens speech communities Women balance a delicate system by which troubles talk is used to confirm their feelings and create a sense of community when women confront men's way of talking to them, they judge them by standards of women's conversational styles. Fulfs and Goldsmiths main claim and critiques more recent literature reviews and meta-analysis typically report small effect sizes and situational variability regarding the type and size of gender differences small effect size: power of a variable, can't predict it very well, sex doesn't matter situational variability: can''t take gender out of centext V ERBAL C OMMUNICATION Male Generic Language Excludes women, but is supposed to include both men and women, examples:...
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Exam 2 Review Sheet- Completed - C OM 391 E XAM 2 R EVIEW S...

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