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Review Sheet Mean, median, mode Outliers Variability Mimimum, maximum, range How to read stem and leaf plots How to read histograms Shapes (bell, symmetric, skewed) Standard deviation, variance Normal Curve Standardized score/z-score Frequency curve Percentiles How to use table 8.1 How to calculate percentiles from observed values (and vice versa) Empirical Rule Bar graphs Pie charts Pictograms Histograms Scatterplots Distributions Problems with pictorially representing data Correlation Statistical vs. Deterministic Relationships
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Unformatted text preview: Strength vs. statistical significance Types of Correlations (positive, negative, no correlation) Correlation/Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Regression Equation Causal relationships Outliers Relationships between variables Chi Square (conceptually what it is and how to calculateknow the specific parts of the calculations) Simpsons paradox Statistical significance Hypothesis testing Alternative vs. null hypothesis Chi Square...
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