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CHFD 3710^ - Elders ranked child spouse sibling other...

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CHFD 3710 Asian Americans in general have good health In general, Asian American elders have the highest economic status of any minority group Most Asian Americans come from traditions that respect older people Asian adults often give a lot of care to their parents. This includes working with health care professionals to arrange care and giving personal care themselves American Indians have lower incomes than other U.S. older populations American Indians also had very low income Even when services exist, American Indian elders often choose not to use them Grandmothers actively teach the younger generation about tribal customs. They do this by telling stories to their grandchildren(Amoss,1999), by demonstrating and teaching crafts such as weaving(Hedlund,1999), or by performing traditional ceremonies that include healing or naming children(Jacobs,1999) Older American Indian women typically find the grandmother role appealing
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Unformatted text preview: Elders ranked child, spouse, sibling, other person, grandchild, or other relative in that order as sources of support The poverty and social breakdown in some American Indian communities lead to problems for other people within the family Low incomes, poor-quality housing, lack of transportation, and poor health care affect the old as well as the young The unique needs of minority older people means that they often have less access to quality health care An increase in minority health care workers would also lead to better cooperation between older people and the health care system. American Indians, for example, need more long term care services such as home care on reservations and in cities Minority members make up about 10 percent of the older population...
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