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Hist201Syllabus 2011 - History 201 Winter Semester 2010...

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History 201 Winter Semester 2010 Instructor: Jeffery Nokes Office Phone: (801) 422-7520 Office: JFSB 2160 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: T, Th 1:30-2:30 TA : Kiera [email protected] I. Course Information Required Materials The World: A History Volume 1: To 1500 (2nd edition) By Felipe Fernandez-Armesto ISBN: 978-0-13-606148-9 Guns, Germs, and Steel By Jared Diamond Primary source materials available on line I-Clicker The Old Testament and The New Testament Course Description and Learning Outcomes This course will introduce students to major themes of human history from the appearance of homo sapiens until approximately 1500 C. E. Course topics will include a) civilizations, b) culture and religion, c) states and empires, and d) globalization. At the end of the semester students should be able to discuss the following themes citing evidence from multiple cultures and periods: a) the interaction between civilized and “uncivilized” societies; b) human interaction with the environment; c) the origins and diffusion of culture-changing ideas, such as technology or religion; d) interactions and exchanges between civilizations; and e) gender, family, and social relationships within and across cultures. These themes create a framework with which to organize and analyze historical events, trends, cultures, and people. In addition, students should develop the following skills and habits of mind as they study world history in this course: Students should be able to a) effectively read and reason with historical evidence of various genres; b) engage in historical writing, which is a mixture of persuasion, description, and narration; and c) use general study skills including note-taking, collaborative study, and critical reading. Participation Policies Attendance is expected but roll will not be taken. Students will be responsible for the material presented and the announcements made whether or not they attend class. Full participation is expected for those in class. Please avoid behaviors that distract you and/or others during class. Silence cell phones before class. Please do not come late or leave early. Kiera Beddes is the TA for this course. Students are welcome to speak with her or the instructor about any questions regarding the class. Please do not expect immediate response to emails. Due dates that are given are the final dates for submitting papers or completing tests. You may turn in assignments until that date but no work will be accepted after the due dates. Rare exceptions to this and other policies will be based on individual students’ needs and the professor’s professional judgment. PowerPoint presentations, chapter study guides, announcements, assignment descriptions, and rubrics will be posted on blackboard. Students are encouraged to use these resources to study course materials and complete assignments. Additionally, grades will be posted on blackboard. It is the responsibility of students to report errors on grades to the instructor as soon as they are noticed. Study Habits
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This note was uploaded on 03/28/2011 for the course HISTORY 201 taught by Professor Nokes during the Winter '11 term at BYU.

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Hist201Syllabus 2011 - History 201 Winter Semester 2010...

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