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Perry Blazian Feb . 3 , 2011 Hamlet Kenneth Branaugh ´ s interpretation of Shakespeare ´ s Hamlet is a vibrant and compelling portrayal of a true masterpiece . This presentation of Hamlet is an appealing and memorable one due to many key elements that are methodically crafted by the director to captivate the audience and convey the message of the play with as much weight and emotion as possible . Through Branaugh ´ s pointed and calculated choice of setting the locations wherein this drama take place are embellished into something more than a mere stage . The viewer is drawn into the world of Hamlet ´ s Denmark . The actors cast to play the roles in Hamlet , especially Prince Hamlet himself , perform in a provocative manner that gives life and depth to the characters found in the work . The overall tone and message of the play are enhanced by these aspects of the film . Branaugh chooses to set the play in an early Victorian setting , apparently sometime in the 18 th century . The viewer immediately is struck by the well lit surroundings and the bright dress of the actors , something that is in direct contrast with many previous interpretations of Hamlet which create a very dark and gloomy atmosphere . However , the director ´ s choice proves to be both sensible and appropriate . It adds a layer of significance to the overlying message of
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outward splendor masking inward decay . The illuminated stage bathed in vivid color is engaging and inviting , allowing the viewer to further review and reflect upon the contrast of the dark and
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Hamlet notes - Perry Blazian Feb 3 2011 Hamlet Kenneth...

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