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Ferry10-21-10 - to assist other peoples to grown out of...

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Perry Blazian Hist 202 Section 2 10-21-10 Speech Before the French National Assembly Jules Ferry offers a passionate defense of French Imperialism in his speech delivered to the French National Assembly on July 28, 1883. He itemizes his argument into three parts; economic ideas, ideas of civilization, and ideas of politics and patriotism. He first mentions that imperialism is necessary to protect the economic interests of France due to the fact that the French industry needs markets to purchase the goods they provide. He then presents the argument of the responsibility of civilized nations
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Unformatted text preview: to assist other peoples to grown out of obscurity and into civilized life. He implies that this responsibility is due to social Darwinism. He then discusses the patriotism. He shows that the colonies are necessary to defend France´s interests in the world abroad, in order to keep her competitive with the rest of the world. How many other European countries were as actively involved in imperialism as France? How successful were they? I read all the assigned reading for this section....
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