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Instructions - History 202 Dr Frederickson Book Assignment...

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History 202 / Dr. Frederickson Book Assignment 3-4 Page Response Paper For this assignment you are to choose a history book on: a historical figure, an event in history, or a historical period, between 1650 and the present. You are free to investigate any person, community or society in world history with the exception of an American figure or an American history topic because American history is treated in depth in other survey courses. The book must be at least 200 pages long. Preferred are books from an academic press (usually a university press) but non-fiction trade books and a few works of fiction, written during certain time periods that closely reflect events at that time, may be acceptable. Check with one of the TAs or with Dr. Frederickson on works of fiction. If you have even the slightest question about the book you have chosen it is advisable to check with a TA or Dr. Frederickson because a poorly selected book will affect your grade.
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