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Perry Blazian Hist. 202, Section 2 10-28-10 His Story “The Fate of the Ndbele” is described in Ndansi Kumalo, a member of the Ndbele people, who clashed with British imperialists in the latter portion of the nineteenth century. He gives an account of the British conquest of the land of the Ndbele people, a breach of a treaty made with the British Government years before. He tells of the vast technological advantages held by the British, and gives an account of the Ndbele defeat. Interestingly, he then describes what living under Imperial British rule is like for native
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Unformatted text preview: population, involving high taxes and a lack of autonomy. He then compares the advantages of the British presence, with things like the technology and European goods, to his former life as a member of a free people. He mentions the presence of Christianity as well, and speaks of train rail and other advances. It is an interesting account of an imperial takeover´s impact on a native population. How many natives shared Kumalo´s views towards the British? How irreversible was the British invasion in Africa? I did all the assigned reading for this section....
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