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Pankhurst10-18-10 - a woman´s She presents facts showing...

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Perry Blazian Hist 202 Section 2 10-18-10 Why We Are Militant Emmeline Pankhurst argues for Woman’s´ Suffrage in her essay Why we are Militant. She explains the purpose behind and active and aggressive campaign for women´s right to vote. She offers a rebuttal against the argument for a “normal” evolutionary progression of voting rights, and instead insists on instant change. She rails against the laws of Great Britain and the disparity between a man´s rights and
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Unformatted text preview: a woman´s. She presents facts showing that in the past, men have been granted rights to vote because they were and were known to be violent, and that women were not afforded the same privileges because they were law-abiding. How long would the Woman´s Suffrage movement taken had there not been a “militant” edge? I did all the reading for this section...
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