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PSD91410 - fellow prisoners They are kept under close watch...

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The narrative is an interesting first-hand view of the conditions, effects, and consequences of the slave trade on individuals. The account begins when the author is a young boy and covers a number of key events in his life as a slave, beginning with his capture and separation from his parents and later his sister, which proved to be traumatic for him, especially due to his age. He proceeds to experience various masters while on the continent of Africa, and then is shipped overseas in a slaving vessel, which he describes as a terrible voyage, fraught with peril, brutality, and extremely poor conditions. He describes the depravity that he and the other African slaves endured, and then describes the suicides of a few of his
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Unformatted text preview: fellow prisoners. They are kept under close watch and are controlled quite sternly by the crew of the ship, which fears more suicide attempts and possible mutiny. He then reaches the Americas, specifically the isle of Barbados, where he is sold. The rest of the story covers his life as he is traded between three masters, during which time he goes through differing degrees of treatment, travels, and learns a variety of skills. Question: Can the narrative in question be considered accurate, considering that it is a firsthand account written by an anti-slavery activist? I read the assigned primary source documents in their entirety....
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