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PSD92810Treatise on Toleration

PSD92810Treatise on Toleration - to persecute others much...

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Treatise on Toleration, THR, 149-151 Voltaire states in his work “Treatise on Toleration” several tenants of the importance of religious toleration. He was writing in response to an execution which had taken place due to religious issues. Voltaire invites the reader to consider the ramifications of taking an egocentric approach to religion, pointing out that all men are the fruit of God´s creation, and that he loves them all. He ridicules the idea of superiority due to religious beliefs, and makes strong use of pathos to inspire the reader to reflect upon the actions one takes for religions stake. He states that religious beliefs are respectable, but not just cause
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Unformatted text preview: to persecute others, much less exercise judgment over them. He calls attention the hypocrisy of claim to be charitable and full of God´s love, and then mistreating others for differing religious convictions. He praises the work of men who were not of Christian background, and then argues that God will not damn them simply for not having belonged to the right church. He ends his treatise with a prayer to God for toleration, compassion, and understanding amongst the human race. What effects did Voltaire´s essay have on society? How does Voltaire´s work illustrate basic “Enlightened” ideals? I have read all of the assigned reading for this section....
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