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Smiles10-6-10 - lack of foresight and although they work...

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Perry Blazian Hist 202 Section 2 10-6-10 Samuel Smiles, Self Help and Thrift In his widely sold book Self Help Samuel Smiles provides the reader with an opinion on certain human attributes, as well as his take on rich and poor alike. He extols the virtues that lead to success, quoting maxims such as “Heaven helps those who help themselves” to make the point that mankind is most effective when striving to be hardworking and diligent, combining their efforts with civilized planning and reflecting on future possibilities. He illustrates that the poor remain poor mainly due to their
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Unformatted text preview: lack of foresight, and although they work hard they are concerned primarily with worldly pleasures and satiating their carnal appetites, rather than educating or otherwise bettering themselves to prepare for times to come. He praises efforts taken to make one´s self better, and expresses his belief that those who strive to do so will harvest a reward throughout their life. Which class in English society was most likely to be influenced by Smiles´writings? Why was he so popular? I read all the assigned text for this section....
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