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1 Brigham Young University World History Since 1500 History 202-2 / TTh, 9:30-10:45 am / 115 MCKB Dr. Frederickson TAs: Kiera Beddes / [email protected] [email protected] Karin Hyatt / [email protected] 2130F JFSB / 801.422.6851 Brittany Jackson / [email protected] Office Hrs.: By Appointment Introduction: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to some of the major developments in world history since 1500. The focus will be on intellectual, cultural, economic and political changes that have brought us to the twenty-first century. Also emphasized will be religious and philosophical thinking in the development of human civilizations throughout the world and shared aspects of human experience regardless of time and place. Learning to think critically about various events, cultures, and trends in different societies is important. This is best accomplished in an active learning environment and students will be expected to participate in class activities and discussions. While we will use a world approach in our lectures, some weight will be given to Western developments, because it is from the basis of Western Civilization that our heritage has developed. Due to time constraints, lectures will focus on general themes, developments, and issues within a loose chronological framework. Required Texts: --Robert Edgar, et al, Civilization Past and Present, Vol. II, 12 th Edition --Dava Sobel, Galileo’s Daughter --Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart --Alfred J. Andrea, et al., The Human Record, 6 th Edition Optional Text, but Highly Recommended : --Robert Frakes, Writing for College History Course Requirements: 1. Class Participation and Reading Confirmations During the semester you will read a number of primary source documents, as listed on the syllabus, to introduce you to some of the thoughts of individuals, and the particulars of events from the past. We will be discussing these documents in class. You are to be prepared, having read these documents, to discuss them on the day they are assigned. In order to properly prepare these for discussions, you are to give me a brief written description of ONE of the assigned primary source readings: ½ page, double spaced, 12 font, 1” margins. After your description include one question for possible discussion. Based on an honor system you are also to confirm to me that you completed all the primary source readings for that lecture to receive the points for that assignment. You must complete a minimum of 80% of the Reading Confirmations or you will forfeit ALL points. The Reading confirmation is to include: 1. Top right: Name Course #, Section 2. Brief description of reading 3. Question for discussion 4. Statement, “I completed the primary source readings for this lecture,” followed by your signature
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2 (2 points per assignment, approximately 60-75 points possible) 2 Examinations There will be three exams over the course of the semester, each worth 100 points. Exams will be a combination of matching, multiple choice and essay. Exams will be administered in the testing center.
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SylTThFall10 (1) - 1 Brigham Young University World History...

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