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Things Fall Apart - Perry Blazian History 202 Section2...

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Perry Blazian History 202, Section2 11-2-10 Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe´s impassioned tale contained in Things Fall Apart is a novel of change. Specifically, how European Imperialism directly affected, or changed, the native population discussed in the book. There are many aspects of this change that are seen in the novel, among them social, economical, religious, and political in nature. The book explores the impact these changes have on the members of the indigenous society, how they cope and adjust to these developments, and the irreversible affects of European expansionism. It provides a perspective into the psychological issues that many Africans had to deal with upon being faced by European explorers and settlers. The novel´s main character, Okonkwo, is introduced to the reader early in the novel. He is portrayed as a powerful and successful member of the Umuofia clan, a tribe of the Igbo culture. He typifies the ideals of the tribal society, and is a symbol of the African way of life before the arrival of Europeans. He is a wrestler and warrior, and values his physical strength. When the British missionaries arrive,
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they are first viewed as a quaint curiosity. They make a strong foothold in the tribe, however, and are proficient in spreading their message of Christianity. Many tribe members begin to convert to their religion, as many find elevated social status in the new values and principles taught by the Europeans. Okonkwo and others resist this change, valuing their traditions and customs over the newly presented religion, and a division in the tribe ensues. This is the being of the disintegration of the native people as they take differing approaches towards their rapidly changing
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Things Fall Apart - Perry Blazian History 202 Section2...

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