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Perry Blazian Hist 202 Section 2 10-26-10 Letter to Queen Victoria In his letter to Queen Victoria, Zexu argues against the unregulated importation of opium into China by Englishman. He observes that the poppy plantations in India are cultivated for the sole purpose of growing opium to sell to Chinese markets, and states that this trade is detrimental to the Chinese nation. He asks that this trade be halted by the British government, explaining that the importation of
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Unformatted text preview: opium is not only against the interests of China, but illegal under Chinese law as well. He calls attention to the merits of Chinese exports, and shows how valuable Chinese contributions are to the world market, and how opium does nothing but degrade and destroy. Why was England so reluctant to restrict opium trade? I read all of the assigned reading for this section....
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