Germs - Germs Guns and Steel In the award winning book...

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Germs, Guns and Steel In the award winning book Germs, Guns, And Steel the author presents a question “Why did the wealth and power of the world become distributed as they are now?” (pg. 16) He then proceeds to make the claim that the development of germs, guns, and steel allowed certain civilizations to conquer others, thus exercising an advantage to increase their share of power. (pg. 24) Diamond dismisses other possibilities for advantages leading to progress, such as climate and biological factors, claiming that there is no singularly accepted answer for climate (pg.22) and by demonstrating that biological differences are negligible. His argument is a convincing one, as he shows how past notions of racial superiority are unfounded. However, he makes the mistake of ignoring entirely the culture and religion of civilizations. This omission precludes the possibility seeing how certain cultures may be more prone toward fostering invention than others that may for example value tradition more than innovation, thereby stunting the growth of said culture. The thesis is supported by the offering several examples of how the presence or development of germs, guns and steel allowed for certain civilizations to dominate others, such as with Pizzaro´s conquering of Atahualpa (pg. 80) in the case of steel, the decimation of the native population on Hispaniola (pg. 213) in the case of germs, and Commodore Perry´s
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Germs - Germs Guns and Steel In the award winning book...

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