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Unformatted text preview: I don't know if you'll recall, but last semester I wrote to complain about the housing crisis at Heritage Halls and the poor way in which the Housing Administration was handling the problem. And here we are, months later and no changes or even attempts at change have been made. I am writing now to decry the wrongs you have perpetrated and extol you to enact policies that will alleviate the suffering of so many residents. I am personally acquainted with a half dozen individuals who moved out of Heritage this past semester due to the parking problem. One girl phrased her disappointment quite eloquently when she said to me "It's a sad commentary on Campus Accommodations when the worst part of our BYU experience has been the parking at the dorms" Indeed, it would seem as though Campus Accommodations isn't overly concerned with an issue like parking that dozens and dozens of residents fight with every day. Oh, of course you make passionate claims to the contrary, but your actions speak volumes.course you make passionate claims to the contrary, but your actions speak volumes....
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