J Chapter 25 PSDs

J Chapter 25 PSDs - Chapter Three PSDs: 3-1 #1; 3-7 #1,2;...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Three PSDs: 3-1 #1; 3-7 #1,2; 3-9 # 2,3; 3-10 # 2,3; QFT # 1,2 3-1 1) The purpose of the Navigation Act of 1660 was to prevent Holland from trading with England or its colonies. It also required the colonies to produce raw goods and export them directly to England, on English or colonial ships. 3-7 1) Byrd included his slaves in his diary entries because they were probably the people he spent the most time with. It sounds as though he may have spent more time with his slaves laboring, or in his case overseeing than he did with his wife. These might have been the slaves that served in the house, or were otherwise of importance, and were therefore included in Byrds descriptions of his family life. 2) The significance of Byrd repeating certain rather monotonous phrases in his entries may be some sort of message, its real meaning known only to him. Other than that, they could have been things that were of importance to him, such as reading scripture and saying prayers. The cruelty that is noted in his journal is startling today, but imaginably was commonplace in his...
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J Chapter 25 PSDs - Chapter Three PSDs: 3-1 #1; 3-7 #1,2;...

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