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J Chapter 25 PSDsq - Chapter 25 PSDs 25-1 1) Roosevelt...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 25 PSDs 25-1 1) Roosevelt seeks to reassure the people of America that he will do all in his power to repair the damage dealt by the Great Depression against American livelihood. He areas of focus were of course the famous Relief, Recovery, Reform and were the basis of his New Deal movement. 2) His analogy serves the useful purpose of giving the American people something to rally against. A depression is a somewhat difficult concept to target anger or frustration against, but a tangible war against other men is easily understood; the people were able to take a stand behind Roosevelt and thus were more apt to support his cause and willingly Do their part. 3) Roosevelts religious references would of course been widely acknowledged and appreciated for their significance due to the fact that the majority of the population was protestant, and were somewhat familiar with the Bible, such as the locust plagues and the like. They put a more temporal face on an arcane enemy.temporal face on an arcane enemy....
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