J Chapter 27 PSDs

J Chapter 27 PSDs - Chapter 27 PSDs 27-2 2 The strategies...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 27 PSDs 27-2 2) The strategies that Kennan proposed for implementing containment, aside from “the adroit and vigilant application of counter-force at a series of constantly shifting geographical and political points” were imprecise and ambiguous in most cases, focusing more on the dangers of the expansionist communistic influence and the duty that the United States has to combat such threats. He suggests that America move to combat the Soviets’ every expansionist move, and yet expresses his belief that the Soviet power “bears within it[self] the seeds of its own decay.” 3) The containment policy’s end to Kennan is one of Soviet collapse and the survival of the American way, as communism in his view is inheritly doomed to failure. 27-3 2) Risks that the United States brings upon itself by tightly binding itself to the Western European nations include the fact that conflict in that region of the world would inevitably mean the involvement of the United States. Also, there is the risk that the organization of NATO would make the Soviets feel threatened, escalating the hostile political atmosphere. Gains that NATO could propagate would include of course a more stable Western Europe, which would in turn then be more able to focus on economic advances that having to concern themselves with fending off the Russians. Also, the alliance of the major powers of the region, combined with the strength of the US could also in theory make the Soviets leery about launching WWIII. 27-4 1) According to NCS-68, the main problems between a peaceful modus vivendi would be, besides the fact that their economic/political systems are at odds with one another, the Soviets were intent upon propagating communism onto a more prominent international plane, thereby creating a fundamental strife between the two nations, as the United States would rightfully...
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J Chapter 27 PSDs - Chapter 27 PSDs 27-2 2 The strategies...

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