J Chapter 30 PSDs

J Chapter 30 PSDs - Chapter 30 PSDs 30-1 3 Moynihan’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 30 PSDs 30-1 3) Moynihan’s comments are controversial because he takes a very analytical approach to something that has played a large role in the lives of hundreds of thousands for over a decade at this point, saying that there needs to be a sort of “cooling off” period to something that has been boiling at the front of America’s domestic affairs. He states that a “benign neglect” on the part of the government, which would be simply an end to the active pursuit or support of civil rights’ affairs, would allow for the extremists on both sides, as well as popular opinion, to settle down and homogenize, to a point, of course. Become more moderate, at least. 30-2 1) President Nixon obviously knew only enough to know what he could do with the money that he acquired, because he didn’t know the name of a rather generous donor, Ken Dahlberg. 2) Its evident that Nixon knew exactly what had happened in terms of the Watergate break-in, and the following investigation, and was prepared to use his authority to manipulate the CIA and...
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J Chapter 30 PSDs - Chapter 30 PSDs 30-1 3 Moynihan’s...

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