J Chapter Five PSDs

J Chapter Five PSDs - Chapter Five PSDs 5-4#1,3 5-5#2...

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Chapter Five PSDs: 5-4 #1,3; 5-5 #2; 5-6 #2,3; 5-8 -QFT #3,4; 5-13 #1,3 5-4 1) The Sons Of Liberty did not, with any sort of clarity, make claims to the basic rights they were moving to defend. The do mention the right of being taxed by none but representatives of their own choosing and being tried only by a jury of their peers. However, save that brief proclamation, they make no other effort to designate their believed privileges as part of the English birthright. 3) The Sons of Liberty’s relationship with England was taut with tension and mixed emotion. On the one hand, there was the colonists’ desire and belief that they were to say loyal to the King, and to be ready to serve and protect him at all times. On the other hand, there was problem of what were considered to be unconstitutional laws passed by Parliament that caused for anger and resentment amongst the colonists, the Sons of Liberty included. 5-5 2) According to the Congress, the basic constitutional rights of the colonists included that they not be taxed except they first consent to them, the right to have representation in the House Of
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J Chapter Five PSDs - Chapter Five PSDs 5-4#1,3 5-5#2...

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