J Chapter Nine PSDs

J Chapter Nine PSDs - Chapter Nine PSDs: 9-2 #1,2; 9-3 #1,2...

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Chapter Nine PSDs: 9-2 #1,2; 9-3 #1,2 QFT #1,2; 9-4 #1; 9-8 #2,3; 9-11 #1,2,3 QFT #1 9-2 1) Mr. Ross and Colonel Young both foresee the problem of blacks-if extended the right to vote, would begin to desire representation in the higher forms of government and hold other public offices. This is something neither of them what to see happen to their country. 2) I think his argument is a sensible one. If certain rights must be acquired before they are exercised, through prerequisites such as owning property, then the voter in question would presumably have a vested interest in his country, and would vote accordingly. 9-3 1) Rush discouraged the women from reading novels, specifically British novels because he felt that they would desensitize the women, inhibiting their inherit sympathetic drives. 2) Rush felt that by emphasizing on a quest for wisdom and a strong moral background rather than focusing on titles or displays of accomplishment would be more beneficial for a women’s education. QFT: 1) The most obvious link between women’s education and universal manhood suffrage would be the drive towards more and more equality amongst the citizens. By promoting education and the
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J Chapter Nine PSDs - Chapter Nine PSDs: 9-2 #1,2; 9-3 #1,2...

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