J Chapter Six PSDs

J Chapter Six PSDs - Chapter Six PSDs 6-1#1,4 6-4#2,3...

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Chapter Six PSDs 6-1 #1,4; 6-4 #2,3 QFT #2,4; 6-6 #2,3; 6-11 #1,2,3; 6-14 #1,2,3; 6-15 #1,2,3 6-1 1) Morris sees the political system changing from an aristocratic, Parliament/King driven one to a politically active lower and middle class participating in legislative matters. He sees a movement away from powerful central authorities and dutiful citizens to people who think and reason for themselves. 4) The comments of Gouverneur Morris are reminiscent of Peter Oliver’s thoughts in that both are coming from the vantage point of a man who was loyal to England, although Morris’s view altered from the loyalist course. They both see the rising lower class as a prominent figure in the colonial society, and comment on the mob’s boisterous behavior and foolishly unrefined manner. 6-4 2) Jefferson only states that the slave trade itself is wrong, in that he never speaks out against the ownership of a slave. Rather, he only states the iniquity in the transport of slaves, removing them from their homes and selling them abroad. 3) The colonists would, in some ways, have to share the blame for the slave trade; although the issue is complicated. There would not be a slave trade if there was not a demand for slaves. However, the demand for slaves was due to in part the mercantile system of the colonies, instigated by the British government. How much the colonists were trying to fit in with the economic system and how much was based on greed is debatable, though, and that would be the point at which the colonies would have to accept the blame. QFT
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J Chapter Six PSDs - Chapter Six PSDs 6-1#1,4 6-4#2,3...

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